Maria Rubinke: Figurines from Your Nightmares

Maria Rubinke‘s porcelain figurines aren’t your average decorative knick-knacks. They provide an essence of innocence shattered by inclusions of macabre- strategically placed red paint, ripping flesh, organs on display and dismemberment- all juxtaposed with the bodies of porcelain girls with passive, indifferent expressions. These delightfully creepy pieces ride a fine line between adorable and horrifying while capturing attention and leaving the viewer with a lasting impression. They take our expectations, flip them upside down, and defile them.

Maria is a graduate of the Glass and Ceramic School of Bornholm and she uses her experience and education to flawlessly execute these surreal sculptures. This work provides a shocking reminder that our world isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, that there is a darkness that lingers in unexpected places. The interconnected theme throughout Maria’s pieces is the same -underlying danger in perceived innocence and ignorance. Even the titles of these pieces give insight to their aesthetic: “I Died A Hundred Times”, “Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t After You”, “Watching the Fantasies Decay”, and “In Between With A Fading Dream”.

While some might find these pieces somewhat grotesque and unnerving, I think I speak for all of us weirdos and lovers of the beautiful and bizarre when I say that I would display these pieces proudly.

Maria_Rubinke_beautifulbizarre_03maria-rubinke-beautifulbizarre_ 001


Maria_Rubinke_beautifulbizarre_014maria-rubinke-beautifulbizarre_ 010

maria-rubinke-beautifulbizarre_ 003 maria-rubinke-beautifulbizarre_ 002






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I revel in incredible art because it gives me the ability to be transcended and inspired. In my reality, visual art and manifestations of beauty are an escape from the mundane and are things that have become a mild obsession. With writing and educating, I hope to give others the ability to be exposed to artists and art that allow them to imagine the unimaginable.

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