We present our favourite photography finds of the week, sourced from various social media platforms.

Enjoy beautiful.bizarre’s weekly Photogasm!

Alex StoddardAlex Stoddard

Alison ScarpullaAlison Scarpulla

Anka ZuravlevaAnka Zhuravleva

Juliede WaroquierJulie De Waroquier

Christopher McKennyChristopher McKenney

David UzochukwuDavid Uzochukwu

Greg PonthusGreg Ponthus

Katharina JungKatharina Jung

Kindra NikoleKindra Nikole

Kyle ThompsonKyle Thompson

Maria SardariMasha Sardari

Marta Voodica CiosekMarta Voodica Ciosek

Michael BilottaMichael Bilotta

Robby CavanaughRobby Cavanaugh

Oleg Oprisco

Tasha PalmerTasha Marie

Shelby RobinsonShelby Robinson

Tyler RayburnTyler Rayburn

Weronika IzdebskaWeronika Izdebska

Zhang JingnaZhang Jingna

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My name is Orpa. Not Oprah. Not Orca. Though, I will admit it is momentarily intriguing to imagine being a benevolent celebrity or ferocious-looking whale. On occasion, I like to pretend I'm Frida Kahlo (which is really just an excuse to drink tequila and wear far too much jewellery while prancing around the house with a hideously over-exaggerated unibrow). Other times, I'm content drinking coffee and dressing within societal bounds. To me, art is a drug. If If I go a day without seeing, hearing or creating it, panic sets in and I become irrational. I can't wait for my next high. Please, whatever you do, don't send me to rehab.

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