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With a rich history in dark myth and legend, pagan pasts and raw wilderness, Ireland is slowly unfolding its roots to grasp onto a new generation of dark and macabre art. Beginning in the depths of Dublin, GalleryX have been filling the void in Ireland’s modern art scene, reconnecting the land to a style of art which unleashes our innermost thoughts and feelings through a mixture of attraction and repulsion equally intertwined. In its most exciting venture yet, GalleryX has collaborated with London based Macabre Gallery, and together proudly kick-started its latest exhibition Macabre Gallery Show I on March 26, 2015. With electrifying success, over 150 people have attended so far since it opened four days ago, leaving with the overarching consensus of Macabre Gallery Show I being “the best exhibition in Dublin in years”.


The Macabre Gallery Show I

Exhibition Dates:
March 26, 2015 – May 1, 2015


3 Herbert Street, Dublin, D2, Ireland

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday – Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday: 12 – 5 PM

Free Admission

Featured Artists:

Saturno Buttò, Tomasz Alen Kopera, Michael Hutter, Christine Morren, Trëz, Jean-François Bouron, Sandra Yagi and Arturo Esparza.


Spies – Tomasz Alen Kopera

Reflecting primal concepts and feelings, Macabre Gallery showcases art exploring reactions to life and death, eroticism and religion. The art displayed in Macabre Gallery Show I can play in the delicate beauty of loss and horror, turn attraction on its head, and wander in the lands of the subconscious with a meaning the viewer can relate to. It turns its head away from art with ambiguous purpose, and invites you in to connect with its attempt to understand human nature and our fundamental impulses.

This collaboration sparks a moment in recent history, relighting an ethos from the 1960s and 70s when art galleries aimed to be a forefront catalyst in challenging safely established concepts and cultures. Significantly, many of the artists showcased have never been seen in Ireland before. Proudly established in 2014 by two self-proclaimed ‘outsiders’ Giovanni Giusti and Fiona Killeen, GalleryX pushes boundaries, challenging “our ideas of beauty, of right and wrong, of appropriateness“. Macabre Gallery has brought a collection of the very best in dark and macabre art which it has collected under its all encompassing wings. A predominantly online gallery, Macabre Gallery have been spreading ‘Dark Art as the new Art movement’ since 2009, bringing like-minded artists from around the world into one space where admirers can fulfill – and now collect – their darkest desires.

GalleryX_BeautifulBizarreGalleryX_BeautifulBizarre3GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre2 GalleryX_BeautifulBizarre4 IMG_0626x

Gallery Owner Giovanni Giusti’s curatorial statement embraced the requisite for dark and macabre art, highlighting the wonders in experiencing creations that make you ‘feel’. Reflecting on the old masters of traditional art, Giovanni brought together modern and historical generations with significant ease: “If you look around the art world in Ireland today, you mostly see art that is very SAFE. Safe in that it avoids challenging the viewer – not just by avoiding difficult subjects, but by hiding any such content behind a veil of formal obscurity…Instead, we want to bring to Dublin art which is absolutely unsafe. Art that will question and shock and scandalise and actually comments on the real world like it used to in the days of Goya or Caravaggio.”

Part of the beauty in this exhibition is the delectable balance of artists within this genre from around the world. Each artist successfully brings their own take on dark and macabre art, bringing subconscious, spiritual and philosophical reactions to the world as it is today. As well as being able to buy the original artworks, limited edition prints are available – as well as fridge magnets! Whether you are familiar with this genre of art or new to its interpretations, Macabre Gallery Show I promises to inspire and open your eyes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARiding Horsey – Sandra Yagi

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnatomical Chimp W/ Hide – Sandra Yagi

Trez-and-JeanFrancois_BeautifulBizarreNauta – Trez & Jean Francois

Trez_BeautifulBizarreStructure II – Trez

TomaszAlenKopera_BeautifulBizarre1Ascention 10D – Tomasz Alen Kopera

SaturnoButto_BeautifulBizarre2Inner Dark I Station – Saturno Butto

SaturnoButto_BeautifulBizarre1Nihil II – Saturno Butto

JeanFrancois_BeautifulBizarre2Untitled 1 – Jean Francois Bouron

JeanFrancois_BeautifulBizarre1Matrioschka – Jean Francois Bouron

ChristineMorren+BeautifulBizarreThe Old Doll Can’t Feed A Bird – Christine Morren

ChristineMorren_BeautifulBizarre1She Bought A Pet – Christine Morren

ArturoEsparo_BeautifulBizarre2Cefas O Simon Pedro  – Arturo Esparza

ArturoEsparza_BeautifuloBizarreMariposa Desnuda – Arturo Esparza 

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