We present our favourite photography finds of the week, sourced from various social media platforms.

Enjoy beautiful.bizarre’s weekly Photogasm!

aniela_dybisz_beautiful_bizarre_011Miss Aniela

melanie_metz_beautiful_bizarre004Melanie Metz

justin_alexander_bartels_beautiful_bizarre005Justin Alexander Bartels

agroeni_beautiful_bizarre001 Agroeni

tejal_patni_beautiful_bizarre_017Tejal Patni 

christopher_jobson_beautiful_bizarre_024Oleg Oprisco

marcela_bolivar_beautiful_bizarre009Marcela Bolivar

Photography InspirationLuca Pierro

kimlerly_joanne_sinclair_beautiful_bizarre007Kimberly Joanne Sinclair

angelica_garcia_beautiful_bizarre_013Angelica Garcia

alexandar_sinclair_beautiful_bizarre008Alexia Sinclair

dave_brosha_beautiful_bizarre_018Dave Brosha

kristy_mitchell_beautiful_bizarre_018Kirsty Mitchell

margarita_kareva_beautiful_bizarre_020Margarita Kareva

diego_barrea_beautiful_bizarre_026Diego Barrea

Kyle_Sparre_beautiful_bizarre_023Kylli Sparre

picsy_beautiful_bizarre002Found on picsy

Matthew_alliard_beautiful_bizarre_030Mathieu Vladimir Alliard

zastavki_beauitful_bizarre_014Benjamin Von Wong

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I live in Ireland for work I am an insurance professional. Outside of work I am up and coming writer and artist in my own right. I hope to review and source art that not only attracts the eye but also serves to open the mind. Not only capture art itself but also the ideas and concepts behind each piece and how they came to fruition.

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