Wolves, Snakes, Fire and Tongues @ Sally Centigrade Gallery

Opening Thursday, March 19th at Denver’s Sally Centigrade Gallery is a four person exhibition that invites the viewers to join in the drum circle, hunt with the wolves, and make sacrifices to the warrior goddesses. Christina Mrozik’s art is a show of quiet intensity, contrasting the vibrancy of nature with its inevitable decay.  Chelsea Brown’s warrior women swim with mermaids, camp with wolves and cast spells in front of cauldrons, they are equal parts legend and ghost, hero and specter. The portraits of Lara Dann use colors of the entire spectrum to give her melancholy females an ethereal depth and supernatural energy.  And, whether drawing on mylar or painting on canvas Janelle W. Anderson is a master of capturing life’s most intense moments with all of their complexity, irrationality & sometimes schizophrenic feelings.

Disclosure: The author of this piece is one of the owners of Sally Centigrade Gallery

Wolves, Snakes, Fire and Tongues

Featured Artists:

Christina Mrozik, Chelsea Brown, Lara Dann, Janelle W. Anderson

Opening Reception:

March 19, 2015 | 5PM

Exhibition Dates:

March 19, 2015 – April 11, 2015

 Work available at more

 Sally Centigrade Gallery

1423 Larimer St.

Denver, Colorado 80202




 Lara Dann


 Chelsea Brown

BeautifulBizarre_ChristinaMrozik_004 BeautifulBizarre_ChristinaMrozik_001BeautifulBizarre_ChristinaMrozik_003 BeautifulBizarre_ChristinaMrozik_002

 Christina Mrozik

BeautifulBizarre_JanelleWAnderson_005BeautifulBizarre_JanelleWAnderson_004BeautifulBizarre_JanelleWAnderson_001 BeautifulBizarre_JanelleWAnderson_003BeautifulBizarre_JanelleWAnderson_002

Janelle W. Anderson

About Author

From the tarmac to truck stops my life has revolved around the road for the last ten years. A long time fan of the arts, I have made a point of sharing the shows and artists from everywhere I go. From sell out shows full of media and celebrities in Los Angeles to dusty shops in Fargo, I offer it all to you.

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