Corey Helford Gallery has invited curator, Caro, to host a group show under her concept, Dreamlands. The title alone should really make the show self-explanatory for what to expect. Thirty-five artists from around the world are providing their diverse backgrounds and artistic styles to define a singular concept—dreams.

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Opening Reception:

March 14, 2015  | 7-10PM

Exhibition Dates:

March 14, 2015 – April 11, 2015


8530 Washington Blvd.

Culver City, CA 90232

Participating Artists:

Amy Sol, Aron Wiesenfeld, Atsuko Goto, Caitlin Hurd, Carol Liu, Ciou, Hannah Yata, Herakut, Hikari Shimoda, Jessicka Addams, Joanne Nam, Kazuhiro Hori, Kazuki Takamatsu, Kazuki Umezawa, Krista Huot, Lola, Lori Nelson, Lu Cong, Mab Graves, Michael Page, Naoto Hattori, Natalia Fabia, Natalie Shau, Nouar, Rebecca Leveille Guay, Sonya Fu, So Youn Lee, Simone Legno, Tara McPherson, Teiji Hayama, Tom Bagshaw, Yoh Nagao, Yoko d’Holbachie, Yosuke Ueno, Yumiko Kayukawa

so youn lee, chg circa, dreamlandsSo Youn Lee

I found it a brilliant way to show diversity in a universal concept. We all have dreams, but our dreams are individual experiences that are not reproducible or reflective of another person’s dreams. Even in repetitive dreams, at least in my experience, aren’t always precisely the same. Each dream is its own masterpiece and therefore an ideal concept for a visual artist to manifest via their artistic medium.

Hikari Shimoda, chg circa, dreamlandsHikari Shimoda

Caro is the founder and curator of Sweet Streets, an international management agency that primarily represents female artists to give visibility to Japanese Contemporary art outside of Japan. Several of her artists are in the Dreamlands show, notably Hikari Shimoda and So Youn Lee. This adds another dynamic into the show because not only will we be seeing the works of Japanese contemporary artists, but we will be seeing the contemporary works of Western artists such as Jessicka Addams and Tom Bagshaw. How this group of international artists depict dreams will further highlight the concept of psychic elements being refined through culture, experience, anxieties, hopes, fears, and wonderment–all amalgamated through the acrylic and ink brushed across a canvas.

tom bagshaw, chg circa, dreamlandsTom Bagshaw

I personally look forward to this show because I am already reminded from the preview images that the inspiration of these works did not come from the outside world, but from within the minds of the artists. As such, my greatest resource of inspiration and creativity is within me, and I should say, the highest representation of my self is also internal. Dreamlands is an infinitesimal landscape at which the horizons is the undoing of our perception of reality.

Naoto Hattori, chg circa, dreamlands Naoto Hattori

Kazuki Takamatsu, chg circa, dreamlandsKazuki Takamatsu

Yosuke Ueno, dreamlandsYosuke Ueno

Mab Graves, dreamlands    Mab Graves

Sonya Fu, dreamlandsSonya Fu

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