Slushbox gallery in West Palm Beach has put together the most sugary delicious group exhibition this side of Candyland! Drop into the gallery on 7 March from 7pm for the opening of ‘Candy Coated Dreams’, “A dreamy art show featuring all things sweet, sugary, sparkly, extra fluffy and of course super kawaii!! We have invited our favorite artists from all over Sugarville in hopes that they will paint, knit and hand stitch the most perfectly sweet creations of your dreams! So sweet we hope you will go to bed dreaming of fluffy sugar lumps after viewing this eye candy with us on opening night!” ~ Amanda Linton, Slushbox Gallery.


Sugar Fueled, Spazzy Wonder, Sara Leigh, Polly Peachums, Piktorama, Mary Winkler, Jen D, Jared Konopitski, JK Mcgreens, Carolina Lebar, Brenda Burton, Brandy Rumiez, Amanda Linton, Alisha Koyanis, Maytee Bringas, Mizna Wada, Raul Guerra, Dianita, Natasha Wescoat, Sydney Shane, Andrea Cordero, Ms Bitty Knacks, Julie Filipenko, Squidvishuss, Tammy Street + More!

Candy Coated Dreams

7 March – 2 May, 2015
Opening Reception: 7 March | 7 – 11pm

slushbox gallery_beautifulbizarre_001SlushBox Gallery

2716 South Dixie Hwy #101,
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Amanda Linton_beautifulbizarre_001Amanda Linton

Julie Filipenko_beautifulbizarre_002 Julie Filipenko_beautifulbizarre_001Julie Filipenko

Jen D Basing_beautifulbizarre_001Jen D Basing_beautifulbizarre_002 Jen D Basing

JR Linton_beautifulbizarre_001JR Linton

Caronlina Lebar_beautifulbizarre_001Carolina Lebar

Natasha Westcoat_beautifulbizarre_001Natasha Wescoat

Jared Konopitski_beautifulbizarre_001Jared Konopitski

Raúl_Guerra_beautifulbizarre_001Raúl Guerra

Mizna Wada_beautifulbizarre_001Mizna Wada


SaraLeigh_beautifulbizarre_001Sara Leigh


Erika Taguchi Newton_beautifulbizarre_001Erika Taguchi-Newton

Michael Banks_beautifulbizarre_001Michael Banks

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