Photogasm: Drowned World and Floating Angels

We present our favorite photography finds of the week, sourced from various social media platforms.

Enjoy beautiful.bizarre’s weekly Photogasm!

Drowned World & Floating Angels

Rafal Makiela - Surreal Underwater Fashion Photography(Above) Rafal Makiela

Zena Holloway underwater photography(Above) Zena Holloway

Staudinger + Franke water barrier submerged portraiture(Above) Staudinger + Franke

Mallory Morrison Underwater Photography(Above) Mallory Morrison

Benjamin Von Wong Photography(Above) Benjamin Von Wong

Soon Tong underwater photography  (Above) Soon Tong

Flora Borsi underwater photography(Above) Flora Borsi

Andreas Franke Sinking World(Above) Andreas Franke

Alix Malka Underwater Photography(Above) Alix Malka

Christy Lee Rogers underwater surreal photography(Above) Christy Lee Rogers

brooke shaden - fine art photography(Above) Brooke Shaden

Stacey Thompson Photography(Above) Stacey Thompson

Sacha Kalis Underwater Photography(Above) Sacha Kalis

Reflection by Anna Pavlova(Above) Anna Pavlova (the69th)

Rhea Pappas - Underwater Photography(Above) Rhea Pappas

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