Ken Keirns: Oil Paint Cinema

Ever wonder what a movie would be like if it was created in oil paint?  Rather than a cartoon or illustration, an entire story is told in rich, deep tones that can only be created with ground pigments found in the finest paints.

Ken Keirns does exactly that.  Every piece captures a scene and tells a story, as if the viewer has walked into a cinematic scene captured with the gorgeous depth and veneer that is normally only found in the paintings of the masters.  Whether it’s a comedy about a rock star monkey that has its audience in stitches, or a break-up drama that leaves the viewer afraid of growing old alone, the story is wrapped in a single elegant image.

Right now audiences can see Ken’s work on display at Helikon Gallery in Denver, Colorado as part of the “Spark and Ruin” show curated by the good people at 1 of 1 Magazine.  Alternatively, if you aren’t up for a trip to the Mile High City you can see Ken at the newly opened Baker+Hesseldenz Fine Art in Tucson, Arizona.  Make sure to keep checking beautiful.bizarre for updates on Ken’s upcoming solo show at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_008KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_009KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_003KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_004 KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_002 KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_010 KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_011KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_007KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_006 KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_013 KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_014 KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_015 KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_016 KenKeirns_BeautifulBizarre_0016


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