Into the Dark @ GalleryX

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” – Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven.

Have you ever found yourself enticed by the darkness?

Far into the depths another world is waiting, hinting at secrets beyond the safe walls of natural order. The newly opened GalleryX in Dublin, Ireland unveils its latest exhibition embracing elements of the Gothic, the macabre and the arcane, taking you Into the Dark through a journey of worldwide art.

Into the Dark

Exhibition Preview:  

Thursday, February 12th 6pm

Exhibition Dates:

Friday, February 13th – Friday, March 20th, 2015


3 Herbert Street, Dublin, Ireland
Baphomet – Jeremy Beswick

There is a quality within Into the Dark that almost mirrors Dante Alighieri’s path as he was guided through Inferno, affected by elements of the darkness manifesting before him, even though he was protected. Surrounded by whispers of the occult on his journey down, it is similarly hard not to sense an underlying presence emitting from the works within this exhibition.

Part of the resemblance to the traditional, Gothic essence of Into the Dark resonates from the very style in which the art itself is created. The likes of Rotten Fantom (Russia) and Jeremy Beswick (UK) display the best in their dark arts, merging contemporary ideas and their own horrors of Hell among echoes of medieval myth and aspects of traditional illustration prolific from the era of Dante himself. Who else to better bring forth the depths of black and white illustration with such intensity?


Corpus – Rotten Fantom


Nectar – Jeremy Beswick

Elsewhere, Portuguese artist Ariadne Castro introduces us to her own world of darkness. Strokes of light and dark dance across each page as she brings mythical and magical characters to life. Using inks as her main medium, Castro’s intricately textured scenes depict a drama that can only be truly appreciated in the flesh.


Lucifer Descending – Ariadne Castro

Visitors can also look forward to seeing the prolific work of American occult artist NOROT as he evokes the depths of dark mythology through his complex graphite drawings. This world renowned artist, otherwise known as Robert W. Cook, brings his experiences as an occultist and architectural draughstman into his work, merging technical ability with archetypes associated with ritualistic tendencies. With themes of death and rebirth entwined throughout his art, each piece provides a unique insight into NOROT’s mind with, often, even further hidden ideas.


The Bornless One – NOROT

Bringing forth a more modern day arcane, visitors can expect to bask in a world echoing the dark depths of the supernatural. Exploring primal interests towards the unknown, Irish artist/photographer Fi Killeen shows audiences her darker side by capturing moments that delve into the inner psyche as rituals are keenly documented.


Sic Luceat Lux (Sara’s Gift) – Fi Killeen

Breaking the mould on ‘representative art’, Irene Gaspari from Italy invites you to study and attempt to deduce the scenes of realism and macabre before you. Connecting eye to eye with her subjects, it is hard not to be drawn into this game of occult being played. As one of the only photographers exhibiting within Into The Dark, Irene brandishes realism like a flaming sword in the face of her audience, reminding them that the occult is far from the realms of myth alone and instead, could be hiding closer than you think…


Moondoll – Irene Gaspari

And just as you may begin to feel lost in the darkness, it is almost impossible not to be drawn to Magda Zak‘s oil painting ‘Zwida’ as this apparitional glow brings a strange sense of hope alongside its eerie qualities. In her own words, finding the inspirational face for this painting was ‘mystery I was rather after’.


Zwida – Magda Zak

Many of the pieces on display will be up for sale as both original artwork and limited edition prints. Be sure to head down to the beautifully unique GalleryX before the exhibition closes on 20th March 2015.


Sybil – Rotten Fantom


Deathskull – Graphite on moulded skull – Jeremy Beswick


Dead Playwright – Jeremy Beswick


Cherry Bomb – Jemery Beswick


Unholy – Irene Gaspari


Visceral Holocaust II – Irene Gaspari

IreneGaspari_BeautifulBizarreTo Reach the Light – Irene Gaspari


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