Chris Berens’ ‘Nethermoor’ @ Roq La Rue Gallery

The illusion of three-dimensions in the paintings of Chris Berens is not just by the shading and line work, or by his technique of painting on layers of emulsions, but by the patterns within the painting that subtly separate the image. In most of his pieces the portrait is divided by numerous square tiles that lie upon each other to complete an entire image. These cloudy landscapes appear to be manufactured by the nostalgic meditation of a dream. Naturally the paintings can be seen as a whole but each square within the framework is a window into another otherworldly backdrop. These squares are drawn by the lines of consciousness that divide our awareness of a particular experience. Imagine placing such squares upon your current setting and seeing the space being divided. Would this not enhance the beauty of particular objects now that they stand pronounced in individual form as opposed to blending into the horizons blurred at the corners of your eyes?

chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoor

Atreyu- Son of All

The philosophical depth of Chris Berens is the transparent space between two objects that are seen. His process of painting on layers of emulsions creates the subtle space of air. The square lines texture the painting with spaces that either brings the image forward or pushes the image backward. The paintings are intentionally slightly out of focus like a fog that veils the hard lines of light and shadow, distorting the concept of time.

chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoor

Luck Dragon Takes Flight

His new series “Nethermoor” inspired by Michael Ende’s fantasy novel Die Unendliche Geschichte (The Neverending Story), further explores the infinite landscape of imagination. It is a place where time and direction have neither beginning nor ending, or as he explains, “Day and night do not necessarily happen in succession, forests can seem endless to a traveler or an effortless pass through to the next landscape, and landmarks signify a phenomenon, an episode, a circumstance or incident rather than a geographical place.”

Chris Berens “Nethermoor”

February 5th – 28th

Roq La Rue Gallery

532 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104



chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoorThe Swamp’s of Sadness

chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoorThe Puddler

chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoor

The Wandering Mountain

chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoorHe Who Has No World Of His Own, But Is Able To In And Out Of Many

chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoorLil’ Lady O’ The Forest

chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoorXayide- Commander of All Things Empty

chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoorMoonchild- The Childlike Empress

chris berens, roq la rue, nethermoorYor- The Blind Miner

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