Cassandra Yap’s Seduce Me @ Laylow Fine Art Limited Editions

‘Seduce Me’. Staring at Laylow Fine Art Limited Editions‘ latest advertisement, vixen red lips seem to be whispering those very words to me; hiding behind a mask of vintage women posing in their underwear, though the character in Cassandra Yap‘s work ‘Meow’ daren’t look me in the eye, her lustful expression speaks volumes. Welcome to the latest exhibition in Palma de Mallorca which will give you a real taste of seduction.

Exhibition Dates:

15 January 2015 – 12 February 2015

Laylow Fine Art Limited Editions

Carrer de les Caputxines 4-bajo

07003 Palma de Mallorca

Balearic Islands, Spain



This underground gallery has been constantly growing to new horizons, attracting locals and artists to join in appreciating the best in lowbrow art since moving to Palma de Mallorca last year. In her most recent collaborations Michèle Molenaar, owner of Laylow Fine Art, has created a trilogy of lowbrow lustre. If you missed Ramon Maiden‘s ‘Ink Me’, ‘Seduce me’ will still have plenty to delight and be a special favourite for those with a penchant for a kinky undertone. Finishing it all off, artist and illustrator Adamexiste will be showing off his work from 13th February in his exhibition ‘Love Me’.

‘Seduce Me’ had its opening night on January 16th and proved to be a delightful success. With friends and local artists joining with the eager masses to soak up Cassandra Yap’s work, there were one or two particular favourites that caught everyone’s eye: “The feathers [especially] are very popular because nobody has ever seen a print on a feather,” explains Michèle, “they are framed between double glass, very affordable, and come in small editions with a signed certificate. Printing is also done by Cassandra herself which is much appreciated by visitors.”

CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre_002 CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre_003 CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre_004

Cassandra Yap is an artist and art director based in London, where she continues to create provocative art exploring the juxtapositions between darkness and beauty. Her love for vintage pin-ups and the female form has produced a sexual subtlety flaunting its undergarments among bold, photo montage pieces. Much of her work is for sale during ‘Seduce Me’. For more information, visit Laylow Fine Art or contact Michèle at laylow.fineart@gmail.com.

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‘Seduce Me’ will exhibit until Thursday 12th February 2015.

CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre13 Blow CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre11 CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre10 CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre9 CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre8 CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre7 CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre6 CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre5 CassandraYap_BeautifulBizarre4

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