We present our favourite photography finds of the week, sourced from our various social media platforms.

Enjoy beautiful.bizarre’s weekly Photogasm!

adriano_sodre_beautifulbizarre_001Adriano Sodre

bruno_dayan_beautifulbizarre_002Bruno Dayan

can_dagarslani_beautifulbizarre_003 Can Dagarslani

David_Uzochukwu_beautifulbizarre_004 David Uzochukwu

Neo_Ntsoma_beautifulbizarre_005Neo Ntsoma

davis_ayer_beautifulbizarre_006Davis Ayer

eleanor_hardwick_beautifulbizarre_007 Eleanor Hardwick

gabrielle_viertel_beautifulbizarre_008 Gabrielle Viertel

Maria_Svarbova_beautifulbizarre_009 Maria Svarbova

polina_washington_beautifulbizarre_010 Polina Washington

ross_garrett_beautifulbizarre_011 Ross Garrett

Shae_Acopian_Detar_beautifulbizarre_012 Shae Acopian Detar

petra_collins_beautifulbizarre_013 Petra Collins

nona_limmen_beautifulbizarre_014Nona Limmen


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My name is Christine and I was born in the early hours of 17 August in 1987. Not that it has to mean anything, but – especially after a few beers and a squeaky version of ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ – I enjoy pointing out that this was the same night Janis Joplin sang at Woodstock 28 years earlier. So, yeah, you might’ve guessed, I’m into her music, but decided against getting a tattoo of her because I felt I needed to curb my enthusiasm a tad. I also like rockabilly music, most music, outdoor festivals, and anything visual that has the power to stir excitement in me. When that happens, I like to write about it!

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