We present our favourite photography finds of the week, sourced from our various social media platforms.

Enjoy beautiful.bizarre’s weekly Photogasm!


aela labbe Aela Labbe

anna o photographAnna O

cryel photography Cryel Photography

Silvia Grav PhotographySilvia Grav

rimel neffati Rimel Neffati

noell oszvaldNoell Osvald

nia diedlaNia Diedla

natalia drepinaNatalia Drepina

mmirpi PhotographyMirpi Photography

menoevil photographyMenoevil Photography

katia chaushevaKatia Chausheva

pouya derakhshanPouya Derakhsha

slevinaaron photographySlevin Aaron

justyna waraczynska varma Arcadius Mauritz

dihaze  photographyDihaze


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I am Decadence Darling. I am a trans* mystic, gender rights advocate, and student of esoteric philosophy. When I’m not writing I am likely studying Vedic or Western occult philosophy, meditating, or dropping in on one of Southern California’s esoteric societies. I have also worked with LA’s transgender community and continue to conduct interviews with its members to explore the social issues regarding gender equality and expression. Inspired by 19th century fin-de-siecle decadent artists, I am a purveyor of decadent philosophy. Whether it’s through art and culture commentary, philosophy, or transgender advocacy, I want to transform people’s consciousness when experiencing the unknown so that instead of fearing the dark, they will seek out beauty.


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