From my first introduction to Sequoia Emmanuelle’s work I understood that I had come across something special. Her pictures resonate a distinctive echo of the underground art scene where heights of individual creativity flourish freely. Tantalised by the sheer boldness of her creations, it wasn’t just her use of colour that drew me in; the poses of her fearless models – musicians, artists and entrepreneurs – speak of a world where the mold is definitely broken. Creativity and individuality not only reigns, but is celebrated.


Growing up in an artistic household Sequoia started her creative path early on, and proved to be as bold as the art she produces. Accompanied by a strong urge to make her mark using her creativity, she continued to experiment with her creative processes and inspire as many people as she could along the way. The results were more positive than anyone could have imagined. Over the last 13 years, Sequoia has built her career from the ground up through an avid fan base growing like vines around the world, thrusting the shoots of avant-garde art to the surface and displaying its flowers for all to see.


The ever multi-talented artist, Sequoia uses her skills in fashion and set design, painting, wardrobe styling, film and graphic design within her photography to give each client a truly personal experience. Addictive, her enthusiasm vibrates loudly and shouts from the rooftops. Drawn in with her ability to create clear visual narratives, audiences connect with her work intimately, but even more so, it’s hard not to become hypnotised by the surreal wonderlands that she constantly produces. As an artist, Sequoia stands by the ethos that her role is to inspire and encourage others to do what they love. Looking at her work, it’s hard not to feel the energy of freedom and creativity that can be let loose in us all.


Sequoia has become world renowned and has been published in Italian Vogue, Kismet UK, Haute Macabre and Auxiliary Magazine to name a few. Earlier this year, she created a Kickstarter campaign to independently publish a book spanning the last 13 years of her work. Covering the entire of the 2000’s the book, Duende, provides a fascinating catalogue of the predominant decade encompassing and celebrating the freedom of self-expression. Capturing the evolution and boundaries pushed in modern art, Sequoia celebrates the very essence of this new fearless generation of artistic voices.

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