Cabinet des Curieux Gallery presents the work of eight young female Japanese artists whose work depicts with sensuality and humor the recent social mutations of the archipelago. In the country of the Rising Sun, today men are imprisoned in the social model of the ‘salarymen’. Whilst on the contrary, Lolitas are using this time to remake themselves, and have recently begun to write an exciting new chapter of Japanese womens history.

As a new driving force of the economy, these women now work for the modernization of traditional Japanese culture, a culture that was unknown to the Western World. This new feminine expression is based on ‘impermanence’ (a Buddhist concept) and is mixed with the attraction to darkness and the internalization of feelings.

By embracing modernization, these young artists claim their individuality and generalize the notion of Ego, a notion which is banned by Buddhism and Shintoïsm, the principal religions in Japan. These artists express their desires and fears in their work by mixing dreams and obscurity. They give us a wonderful vision of their fantasized lives, full of coloured pop and poison.

Pop and Poison

3 December 2014 – 13 January 2015

Sachiko Kaneoya , Tama, Kaoru Mori, Makiko SugawaSaeborg, Shinjyuko, Aran, Haruna Hijikata

Galerie Cabinet des Curieux

12 Passage Verdeau
75009 Paris – France







私はそれらを「pop and poison」と命名し、皆様にお披露目します。 その独自の世界観を是非ご堪能ください。

2014年12月3日 〜 2015年1月13日

安蘭, カネオヤサチコ, Saeborg(サエボーグ), 真珠子, 須川まきこ, たま, 泥方陽菜, 森馨


Kaoru Mori

Kaoru MoriKaoru Mori kaoru_mori3 kaoru_mori4

Makiko Sugawa

Makiko Sugawa


Makiko_Sugawa_beautifulbizarre_001Haruna Hijikata

Haruna HijikataHaruna Hijikata_beautifulbizarre_003Haruna Hijikata_beautifulbizarre_004Haruna Hijikata_beautifulbizarre_002


Saeborg_beautifulbizarre_002Saeborg Saeborg_beautifulbizarre_004


Tama_beautifulbizarre_001Tama_beautifulbizarre_004 Tama_beautifulbizarre_006


 Sachiko Kaneoya

Sachiko_Kaneoya_beautifulbizarre_002Sachiko_Kaneoya_beautifulbizarre_001 Sachiko_Kaneoya_beautifulbizarre_003














Sachiko Kaneoya


Aran Aran Aran



Shinjuko Shinjuko Shinjuko

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