With a flair for abstract portraiture, Danny O’Connor (whose work was included in the ‘Inked’ special feature in beautiful.bizarre Issue 005), widely known as DOC, incorporates a variety of mediums to create his compelling works of art. From acrylics and spray paint, to correction fluid and common household emulsions, his stylized layers of messy paint and sinuous diagonals achieve diverse contrasts and imaginative depths of field. From conception to completion, the implementation of his creative palette resonates. Executed with a loose-hand style and spontaneous applications of vibrant color, these contemporary paintings and illustrations summon heady emotional overtures with their compositional intensity.

Living and working in Liverpool UK, DOC studied graphic arts at John Moores Art School. Following an artistic spirit, his list of inspirations balance between high and lowbrow pop culture and includes Abstract Expressionism and Cubism art movements, as well as comics, tattoo art, character design and graffiti. Utilizing strong graphic elements, flanked with traditional brushwork aesthetics, the detailed arrangement of DOC’s light and dark layers tangle into a uniquely futuristic perspective.

Displaying collections alongside renowned artists such as Damien Hirst and Gilbert & George, DOC has also been working closely with up-and-coming T-shirt brand Tee Co., and recently participated in the charity exhibition “Art on A Postcard” to aid and raise awareness for The Hepatitis C Trust.

DOC_beautifulbizarre_001 DOC_beautifulbizarre_002 DOC_beautifulbizarre_005 DOC_beautifulbizarre_006 DOC_beautifulbizarre_008 DOC_beautifulbizarre_015DOC_beautifulbizarre_011 DOC_beautifulbizarre_013 DOC_beautifulbizarre_014 DOC_beautifulbizarre_012 DOC_beautifulbizarre_004 DOC_beautifulbizarre_003 DOC_beautifulbizarre_007

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