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PRAISE of the ABYSS”, the first solo exhibition by young Italian surrealist Socioldr is currently showing at the Blu Gallery in Bologna until 10 January 2015. Socioldr’s subjects are born in his subconscious, while his technique is a blend of contemporary and traditional.  His inspiration often comes from dreamy visions and as well as studies in art history, psychology, mythology, philosophy, literature and science.

Socioldr combines oneiric and grotesque visions without losing style and elegance. Without ever being vulgar or repetitive. A show to see, to discover the inner world of the artist, but also perhaps an opportunity to glimpse your own hidden dreamscapes.

For the occasion, we interviewed the artist below.


So, Sicioldr, what can a visitor expect from your show?

A show should be an experience that inspires and enriches the viewer. My techniques of glazings uses principles of light reflection, so you can only fully appreciate my painting in person. For this reason internet or a book is not enough to understand my work. Furthermore a show is a place where you meet the artist, the bridge between the world he represents and our reality.

Viewers after my shows are often disturbed and in a philosophical and introspective mood. That is my purpose, to make people think.


What do you like about your own show?

I like to see all my works together, not just as single pieces – all close to one another as a unique entity: “the artistic path”. This offers a way to better understand the artist and his story.

I also like it when people are curious and look at my work for a long time. When this happens it is a clear sign that my world has been able to communicate a deep message to the viewer. When people decide to bring the painting home there will be a special communication between the work and the owner. A good painting has a two sided effect: the initial shock at the show, that makes the viewer fall in love with the work, and the releasing of the active principle, where the paintings, hanged on the wall for long times, releases its meaning and gets inside the psychology of the owner.

But the show is essential to find the way inside the viewer heart.


How did you select the works?

All the works of this exhibition are connected by a common feature: the exploration of the abyss, the inner pit, as the name suggests: “Elogio Dell’Abisso” (Praise of the abyss). I’ve selected those works that are connected by a conceptual coherence and harmony. Colours, style and meaning are the expression of a unique source of inspiration. Normally we live on the surface of our ocean, but sometimes there is the need to look under the surface, to understand and map the geography of what lies under our feet, in order to comprehend our life better.

These works are symbols, not with a unique meaning, but a source of thoughts and feelings. This exhibition is closer to symbolism rather than surrealism, even though I often twist reality to obtain my target.     

…and then, you just have to go see this show to find out.

The-Shelter_Beautiful.bizarre The-rest-of-the-twings_Beautiful.bizarre The-Pit_Beautiful.bizarre Globus_Beautiful.bizarre Fructus_Beautiful.bizarre Extroversion_Beautiful.bizarre The-Secret-God_Beautiful.bizarre Parade_Beautiful.bizarre Psychopomp_Beautiful.bizarre


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