Adrian Borda and the alchemy of the ordinary life

Adrian Borda is a surrealist painter born in Reghin, Romania who does not want to make any compromises when it comes to his art. Inspired by the raw images that he finds deep down in his subconscious he manages to unravel his own struggles with the precision of a psychodynamic therapy patient who has had too much time for introspection.

We find ourselves drawn into the visual narratives of each painting, exhilarated by the use of bold oil colors and of the themes related to human relationships, the perception of art, love and the expression of human emotions that are highly visible on the faces of his characters. A small discussion with the artist himself revealed a detention from describing his own art. Adrian believes that the creative process is complex and confusing, thus, it’s very hard to talk about it.

‘Through painting I want to create visual poetry, he says, scenes where I want to transform the ordinary phenomena and the eternal mystery of life into something extraordinary. For this, I make use of the archetypal images that spring from the pit of my subconscious. I believe that my paintings are windows that push the viewers into their own mind, into their own perception of what they see. If I disclose what I want to express through my art, I risk to limit the viewer’s perception to my thinking’, he concludes.

Adrian studied painting in an art high school in Targu-Mures following which he continued with the same specialization at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in Iasi, Romania. He has held several exhibitions in Iasi, Targu-Mures and Reghin, as well as in Eindhoven, Netherlands in 2008.














About Author

I am a 31-year-old Romanian writer who graduated from the University of Helsinki with a Master's in Social Psychology and is currently in the process of transition from a full-time nurse to a full-time writer. I appreciate the life in Finland because it has given me the tools to dig deeper into my obscure personality and produce better writing. My poetry has been published in Red Paint Hill Publishing and Vraeyda Literary. I am currently a full-time member of the Helsinki Writers' Group based in Helsinki, Finland. My passion for art started in my childhood and peaked in 9th grade when I discovered Surrealism and the works of Salvador Dali and Renee Magritte. I appreciate everything that is beautiful and ugly but especially all things out of the ordinary.


  • Samuel
    November 5, 2014 at 11:10 am

    Absolutely stunning! I’ve been a fan of Adrian’s art for maybe a decade now and he only gets better and better!


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