Preview: Muses of Mount Helikon II @ Helikon Gallery

Opening on Saturday November 1st is Helikon Gallery’s invitational ‘The Muses of Mount Helikon II’.  Since opening a year ago Helikon has served as a full service creative incubator, housing more than a dozen studios, offering classes in various mediums, tutorials on marketing yourself as an artist and of course served as a first rate place for work to be shown.  To celebrate their first year, Helikon has gathered almost 30 artists of varying styles and geographical locations for their second incarnation of the “Muses of Mount Helikon” show.

The Muses of Mount Helikon II

Helikon Gallery

Opening Reception: Saturday November 1st, 2014
Exhibition Dates: November 1st – December 20th, 2014

For Details and Updates Visit www.helikongallery.com



Exhibiting Artists ~

Edward Kinsella, Sergio Lopez, Michael Reedy, Tran Nguyen, Chris Buzelli, Jim Salvati, Joanne Nam, Buddy Nestor, Yana Payusova, Ryan Lee, Rebecca Green, Zoë Williams, Michael Gallegos, Elena Gunderson, Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña, Sierra Barela, Marc Scheff, Valeriya Volkova, Emily J. Moore, Kaitlin Ziesmer, Janelle W. Anderson, Sara Wilson, Rachel Fagiano, Hollie Chastain, Jennifer Davis, Delton Demarest, Joan Kresek, Mike Fudge, and Leon Loucheour

 “Muses of Mount Helikon II reprises our inaugural, group showing of inspiring and influential art from across the country, with over two dozen artists included. Muses is a showcase of contemporary illustration, painting, drawing, digital art, and sculpture where subject matter is left open. This eclectic exhibit is the definitive, year-end show at Helikon. There is a breadth of art that relishes in the striking difference of each work while still celebrating a unified vision of contemporary, illustrative art.” ~ Helikon Gallery

Joanne Nam

Joanne Nam_BeautifulBizarre_001

 Kaitlin ZiesmerKaitlin Ziesmer_BeautifulBizarre_001

Marc Sheff

Marc Sheff_BeautifulBizarre_001

Michael Reedy

Michael Reedy_BeautifulBizarre_001

Rachel Fagiano

Rachel Fagiano_BeautifulBizarre_001

 Rebecca Green

Rebecca Green_BeautifulBizarre_001

Tran Nguyen

Tran Nguyen_BeautifulBizarre_001

Chris Buzelli

Holly ChastainHollieChastain_BeautifulBizarre_001

Jennifer DavisJennifer Davis_BeautifulBizarre_001

 Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams_BeautifulBizarre_001


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