Portland’s Antler Gallery will be hosting artists Allison Sommers, Jeremy Hush and Susannah Kelly for a 3 person exhibition titled ‘Irresistible Atrophy’ that opens on Thursday October 30th.  Each artist created their series independantly, but all three share a number of common themes most notably the concept of dealing with inevitable destruction and the decay that comes with it, which became the inspiration for the exhibition.  By gathering a small group of artists Antler Gallery has created a powerful exhibition which allows for three complimentary bodies of work to be shown in a cohesive and inspiring way.


‘Irresistible Atrophy’
Allison Sommers, Jeremy Hush, Susannah Kelly

30 Oct – 25 Nov 2014

Antler Gallery

2728 NE Alberta St.
Portland, Oregon. 97211


Allison Sommers

AlliosonSommers_BeautifulBizarre_004 AllisonSommers_BeautifulBizarre_001 AllisonSommers_BeautifulBizarre_002 AllisonSommers_BeautifulBizarre_003

Jeremy Hush

 JeremeyHush_BeautifulBizarre_004 Jeremy Hush_BeautifulBizarre_001 JeremyHush_BeautifulBizarre_002 JeremyHush_BeautifulBizarre_003

Susannah Kelly

SusannahKelly_BeautifulBizarre_001 SusannahKelly_BeautifulBizarre_002 SusannahKelly_BeautifulBizarre_003


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