Born in Galicia, Spain in 1995, self-taught Spanish photographer and Madrid resident Cristina Otero has an intriguing way with self-portraiture. Inspired by America’s Next Top Model, Otero became fascinated with the endless possibilities photography offers. Known for her captivating presence and visual eccentricities, her dramatic and sometimes haunting imagery has graced ad campaigns as well as a number of book covers.

Displaying collections in solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, and Brazil, by the age of fifteen, Otero was the youngest artist in Spain to exhibit individually in an art gallery. In 2012, her whimsical Tutti Frutti series, where the delights of common household citrus interact with the theories of beauty in fascinating method, gained widespread attention for its refreshing concept and inspirational composition.

Utilizing her Pentax K-3 camera sidekick while giving new meaning to the term “selfie”, Otero ignites the imagination with bold, creative sparks. Through a balance of fashion-influenced styles, make-up artistry, technical use of color, and Photoshop manipulations, her emotionally connected self-portraits immerse her audience in expressive storytelling. In the intensity of her gaze, Otero continues her transformation both in front of and behind the lens, drawing parallels between romanticism, fantasy, and melancholia.

Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_001Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_002Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_0003Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_004Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_005Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_006Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_007Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_0008Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_009Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_010Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_011Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_012Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_013Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_014Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_015Cristina_Otero_ beautifulbizarre_016

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