Photographer Lani Spice: Dirty Flirts Around the World

We all roll in different circles. Some in stealthy solitude. Others with mass momentum. A few stop rolling altogether. Then, there are those that prefer to bounce. When I got in touch with Cape Town-based stylist-photographer Lani Spice for an interview, she was about to board for her flight to Singapore from Bangkok, en route to Australia. It was 12h30 her time, and she’d been at in the airport since 05h30. But I’m not here to tell you about travel stories we all know too well. I’m here for little other reason than to introduce you to a traveller you might not yet know, who — despite little sleep — was able to give this-here writer all she needed: a (condensed) convo-in transit and her visual diary of dirty flirts from around the world. Roll on that raw wanderlust.


How are you feeling?
I feel like I’ve been asleep for 25 years (my current age). Especially being in Asia where you are surrounded by mass in every form, it can be extremely overwhelming. Nevertheless, I’m in love with Asia and it’s where I want to be for a long time to come, Thailand in particular. There’s just no where like it.

Despite the traveling part the people here may be biggest drive. Be it creative or not. There’s something very special here more so than anywhere else I have been. Don’t get me wrong I get painfully homesick, but I’ll only ever be this young (quote from Laura Windvogel).





Super stoked about your zines…! Please do tell the rest of the world a bit on the ANALOG PHOTOGRAPHY releases.
In regards to the zines, I was inspired by Australian artists that were bringing their worlds to life through zines. I rapidly caught onto the passion and from there on have produced two, Titled Tow Aways and Tow Aways: Boys Edition and feature South African artists.

I curate, design and self publish these zines. When it comes to launching and exhibiting the projects, it’s been a collaboration with with RVCA ANP South Africa, who have shown great support for which I’m very grateful. Stay updated here: ANALOG PHOTOGRAPHY ZINES/ LANI SPICE



What do you stand for?
Jeez, my most passionate drive with things relating to that right now is probably to do with becomming a vegan and animal rights. I can’t get my head around people’s disconnection with eating a burger and patting their dog at the same time. And don’t get me wrong, I was that for a long time…

Where are you Today? (note the UC ‘T’, so no airports please!)
I never thought I would be enjoying curating other photographers’ work as much as I do in regards with the Tow Aways zines. Self publishing has been one of the most valued things I’ve come across. There’s a real magic in it and I don’t want to stop exploring that. When I reflect on my creative processes dating back to the beginning, it’s kind of weird to think of where I’m headed to now.





All Todays start with a Yesterday…
My journey began with styling, then photography and now Now…! Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m presently doing. All I know is I’ve been quite bratty and I’ve always done whatever I want. And what I also know is that publishing, curating and photographic zines is it. The skate scene was something that adopted me a couple years ago and that undoubtedly has played a huge role in my style and appreciation of all I see and experience.




The best about new places are the new faces…
The people… Yes. I’ve spent time with people on my travels that words can’t even explain their goodness. Nicholas Mudskipper from Six Fathoms Deep in Bangkok is a gem like no other and has become somewhat a big brother. We recently did a zine called Stories from Castle Grayskull that is being exhibited alongside accompanying images I took for the Brighton Photo Biennial THE PHOTOCOPY CLUB, which is being featured in London and in Johannesburg too. (side: check out the portrait of Nic below with a shirt saying ‘Mudskipper’).

And your most recent time in Perth?

I have been hosted by remarkable people, from welders to fisherman… They are just beautiful people andI never want to leave them.









Keep rolling with Lani Spice on her journey around the world…

Dirty Flirts: Visual Diary


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