Opening Night ‘Small Indignities’ @ The Red Truck Gallery

There is something universally appreciated about collaborations and pairings of things that seem contrasting but somehow work together.  The beauty of the “odd couple” friends, tastes or styles, that despite seeming irreconcilable when on their own, once together seem as if they were made for each other.  Below are some images and some opening night shots from the September 13th opening of ‘Small Indignities’ a group show featuring new work from seventeen of the lowbrow art scenes most celebrated artists, including Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia and Casey Weldon.  Despite the artists being of varying mediums and styles, the work comes together seamlessly and feels right at home nestled in New Orleans’ famously freaky French Quarter.

Red Truck Gallery is located at 938 Royal St, New Orleans LA 70130.  The show will be on display until October 5 and more information as well as the entire line up of artists is available at


Mark Ryden_BeautifulBizarre_002SmallIndignities-BeautitulBizarre_005

Small Indignities_BeautifulBizarre003 SmallIndignities_BeautifulBizarre_004 SmallIndignities_BeautifulBizarre001


Mark Ryden

Marion Peck_BeautifulBizarre

Marion Peck


Camille Rose Garcia


Bryan Cunningham

Chris Roberts-Antieau_BeautifulBizarre

Chris Roberts-Antieau

Jana Brike_BeautifulBizarre

Jana Brike

Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_003



Tom Haney

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