The Elaborate Denim Art of Ian Berry (aka Denimu)

Denimu captures urban landscapes, portraits and re-creations of iconic rock and roll albums with tremendous detail and depth.  The work is inspired, and in any medium it would be celebrated but as it happens these are created out of old blue jeans.  Denimu is much more than a gimmick artist and he has amassed a worldwide following because his work is fascinating and is masterfully executed.  That being said, a part of what makes the art so remarkable is the depth that he is able to achieve from the material, and the shock value to the viewer that such ornate art can come from such a common material.

Based in Sweden, but raised in the UK as Ian Berry (before adopting the handle Denimu) his work often harkens to London and its gritty landscapes.  Denimu is coming off of a recent show at the Catto gallery and will be part of the Small Indignities group show opening September 14th at the Red Truck Gallery in New Orleans.  More information is available at

Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_001 Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_002 Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_003 Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_004 Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_005 Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_007 Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_008  Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_010 Ian Berry_BeautifulBizarre_013 IanBerry_BeautifulBizarre_006 IanBerry_BeautifulBizarre_011 IanBerry_BeautifulBizarre_012

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From the tarmac to truck stops my life has revolved around the road for the last ten years. A long time fan of the arts, I have made a point of sharing the shows and artists from everywhere I go. From sell out shows full of media and celebrities in Los Angeles to dusty shops in Fargo, I offer it all to you.

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