The Unit London Presents U

Mark your calendars because this September, The Unit London, an independent artist-led gallery, proudly presents U, a unique contemporary portrait exhibition led by an incomparable ensemble of six emerging artists from around the world.  The highly anticipated event celebrates The Unit London’s 1-year anniversary, and will unveil a new collection of artwork with bold, creative sparks.


Steeped in profoundly ingrained insights, the works of Jake Wood-Evans, Ivan AlifanHenrik UldalenMark Demsteader, Ryan Hewett, and SNIK will far surpass traditional portraiture and ultimately frame the psychological. Entwining visual perspectives, each artist conveys the modern notions of fractured identity, human intimacy and self-expression while engaging and guiding viewers through the collective exploration of individualism within today’s hyper-digital society.

From Jake Wood-Evans renowned combination of classical references flanking his signature ethereal, contemporary style to the erotic nuances of Ivan Alifan’s ambiguous milky renderings, the fragile beauty of U will surely ignite a lingering surreal ambiance. In addition to the otherworldly works of Henrik Uldalen speaking volumes within  juxtaposing states of limbo and longing, artists Mark Demsteader, Ryan Hewett and SNIK will also be shown. For more information, please contact the gallery directly.

Exhibition dates: September 19- October 18, 2014

Private viewing: September 18, 2014

Following in the great tradition of The Unit London’s trademark innovative approach to reaching out to new audiences, we are pleased to unveil a new introductory short film for U.

Directed by Chas Appeti, written and produced by Jonny Burt and Joe Kennedy.

 The Unit London

7 Earlham St, Covent Garden
London WC2H 9LL United Kingdom
Ph. +44 (0)79 46221476
[email protected]

The_Unit_London_Jake_Wood-Evans_005_beautifulbizarre The_Unit_London_Jake_Wood-Evans_003_beautifulbizarre The_Unit_London_Jake_Wood-Evans_002_beautifulbizarre The_Unit_London_Jake_Wood-Evans_004_beautifulbizarre

-Jake Wood-Evans-

The_Unit_London_Mark_Demsteader_Summer rains_006_beautifulbizarre

-Mark Demsteader-

The_Unit_London_Ryan_ Hewett_Fake Idol_007_beautifulbizarre The_Unit_London_Ryan_ Hewett_Visionary no.1_008_beautifulbizarre The_Unit_London_Ryan_ Hewett_Visionary no.2_009_beautifulbizarre

-Ryan Hewett-

The_Unit_London_Ivan_Alifan_011_beautifulbizzare The_Unit_London_Ivan_Alifan_010_beautifulbizarre

-Ivan Alifan-

The_Unit_London_Henrik_Uldalen_013_beautifulbizarre The_Unit_London_Henrik_Uldalen_012_beautifulbizarre

 –Henrik Uldalen-

About Author

Internationally exhibited artist and creator of Wooden Ophelia, Bella Harris is not only the Online Editor at Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, she also oversees all staff writers and helps support website functionality and development. As a contributing writer for the website, active copy editor, and editorial photographer, she plays a vital role in the growth of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine while working closely with advertisers and artists. Wooden Ophelia is a contemporary collection of original moon designs, handmade woodwork, artwork furnishings, and sacred crystals... all to enchant your home.


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