Morley’s Philosophy on the Streets of Los Angeles

Morley’s wheatpasted messages are deliberately created to counter the mass media marketing we see all over the streets in our contemporary culture. Instead of urging consumerism they encourage the viewer to take heart, and offer insights into the shared experiences of being human.  By including a self-portrait with very personal messages Morley creates an intimate feeling, as if the viewer is sharing the experience with the artist in an almost conversational way.

Based in Los Angeles, Morley has been spreading his positive philosophy on the streets since 2006.  He has shown in several art galleries including The Outsiders Gallery in Newcastle, UK and Lab Art in Los Angeles.

A recently released collection of Morley’s work titled “If Your Reading This, There’s Still Time” is available via Amazon and for more information about the artist, and his philosophy and work take a look at his website

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From the tarmac to truck stops my life has revolved around the road for the last ten years. A long time fan of the arts, I have made a point of sharing the shows and artists from everywhere I go. From sell out shows full of media and celebrities in Los Angeles to dusty shops in Fargo, I offer it all to you.

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