With the use of various mixed media ranging from oil on canvas board and gold leaf collages to pastel on newsprint and conte on paper, Guy Denning’s creative manifestations emit an emotional response that threatens to overwhelm the senses.  Born in North Somerset in 1965, Denning is a self-taught English contemporary artist. Founder of the Neomodern Group and former member of Stuckism International, in 2013, he was invited to participate in the Tour Paris 13 urban art project, the world’s largest collective street art exhibition. Despite being denied entry to three art colleges in the 1980’s, Denning’s unwavering perseverance ultimately found his work featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the country.

From conception to completion, the implementation of his creative palette lingers. Executed with a frenzied, loose-hand style and spontaneous applications of color, these solemn portraits thrive within Denning’s powerful brushwork. Emphasizing elements of desolation and anger, the dark subject matter of his work often parallels his technique. Through a compositional intensity, his layered, textural, and sometimes scratchy paint immerses the viewer in the gritty, emotional overtures, haunting expressions, and political machinations conveyed.

Posting a drawing everyday on his blog since 2010, Denning’s large-scale collection illustrates a place of intrigue and admiration and, as a result, confirms his universal appeal.


Guy_Denning_001_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_002_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_003_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_005_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_006_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_007_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_008_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_009_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_010_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_011_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_012_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_013_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_014_beautifulbizarre Guy_Denning_015_beautifulbizarre

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