A perfect mix of cutting edge and classic, the Bath UK based illustrator mostlywanted (AKA Tom Bagshaw) uses millions of digital pixels to replicate the soft style of oil paintings from years gone by.  He is best known for his portraits of women, which incorporate layers and muted tones to create an ethereal, almost supernatural feel.

One of the artists on the forefront of digital art movement, he has participated in shows at The Corey Helford Gallery, Spoke Art and Roq La Rue.  The images below are from his newest series ‘The Black Lodge’.

ceridwen 2 visitation 2 oyerEtTerminer mooncall theConjuration hlin sacrificiumIntellectus inheritance dririmancy lostThoughts rapture theWolfMother martyre phulsBride theMorrigan jehanne 2 daughterOfNecessity 2 aithne 2

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