Anna Dittmann’s Ethereal Portraits

Anna Dittmann is a digital illustrator who is known for her ethereal portraiture, elegant strokes, and delicate details. Her love of nature and biology can also be seen throughout her works. She enjoys creating portraiture because she loves to depict characters and emotions. She often sets her characters in surrealistic environments and fuses them with nature. As a result, each of her portrait emits a unique enigmatic beauty which – in turn – makes her work memorable.

anna dittmann - digital illustration

As a child, Dittmann used to draw with whatever medium was close at hand (e.g. pencil, charcoal, and acrylic). However, she began to paint more seriously when she discovered Photoshop around age of 13. By using a computer and tablet, she can work with unlimited colors and digital canvases. As a person who hesitated to make bold strokes, this art medium allows her to loosen up: to do a lot of experimentation, make as many studies (and mistakes) as she can, and to develop her style without the insecurity of wasting materials.

anna dittmann - digital painting

“Often, a concept to a piece will come as an accident. A loose brush stroke will suddenly take on shape or design of its own, and I’ll just go with it. The urge to paint hits me randomly sometimes and I’ll feel obliged to go draw. Normally this is late at night when I’ve procrastinating and have lots of work to do. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful feeling!” ~ Anna Dittmann


To those who’d love to know how she creates her digital illustrations, be sure to visit the FAQ section of her website.


anna dittmann  - digital painting


anna dittmann - digital painting

june - by anna dittmann - digital illustration

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