Cotton Candy filled World of Tara McPherson

Whenever I think about Tara McPherson, I automatically get an image in my head of this totally cool, completely hip, artist, partner and mother.  She has this remarkable presence about her which can be felt though her writing, her artwork, and through photographs of her.  There’s a smile on her face that appears to form from ear to ear, it’s a big bright infectious smile!  It’s almost like she jumps out of the picture, hugs you and jumps back in.  That’s literally how she makes me feel.  What a fantastic quality to have!

Tara was born on April 7th 1976, in San Francisco, California.  She earned her BFA with honors and a minor in Fine Art from the Art Center College of Design, located in  Pasadena California, in August of 2001.  Since then Tara has been blowing up the art world with her unique sense of style and incredible use of color. Tara has become one of those artists whose work is unmistakably recognized the minute you see it.  It’s her immense creativity and just complete raw, extraordinary talent that puts her in that type of class.  She is extremely well known for her work with poster art, especially concert posters.  In a 2008 issue of ELLE Magazine in a small piece about Concert Artwork, she was called “The Crown Princess of Poster Art”, working with bands such as Beck, The Melvins and Modest Mouse.  Her portfolio also includes creating some of the most sought after custom toys around. She has worked with companies like Dark Horse, Toy2R, and of course, KidRobot, all major players in the world of custom toy art.

We can’t really talk about Tara McPherson without bringing up one of the most unique boutique & art galleries in New York, The Cotton Candy Machine, which she opened in Brooklyn, with her life partner, and sweet lil baby’s father, Sean Leonard  in 2011. It’s a unique space that is known mostly for it’s Lowbrow and Pop Art Exhibitions. If you find yourself in New York, I strongly recommend you head over to Brooklyn and check it out.

Tara’s artwork has been exhibited around the world, and featured in numerous magazines and other publications, such as Spin, ELLE, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times, to name a few.  In 2006 Dark Horse published “Lonely Heart”, the first printed collection of her work.  Her second monograph, “Lost Constellations”, was reveled in 2009, and her third, “Bunny in the Moon”, in 2012, both published by Dark Horse.  To try and get a feel for what inspires or motivates her when it comes to her painting, I’ll leave you with this, from Tara’s website.

“She’s creating art about people and their odd ways, her characters seem to exude an idealized innocence, with a glimpse of hard earned wisdom in their eyes.  Recalling Myths & Legends, issues from childhood, and good old life experience, she creates images that are thought provoking and seductive. People and their relationships are a central theme throughout her work”

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Tara has beautiful new works on display at Merry Karnowski Gallery in Los Angeles, California.  The exhibition is called “Supernova”, and it runs through August 30th.  Also showing during that time are new works by Audrey Kawasaki and DeeDee Cheriel.  Stop by if you can to experience what I’m sure is an amazing show!






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