The Peculiar Sculptures of Doubleparlour

Doubleparlour consist of Ernie and Cassandra Velasco, a San Francisco based husband / wife duo known for their unusual figurines.   The pair has built a large following in the arts world with shows at galleries like Modern Eden and Stranger Factory, and in 2013 were recognized as the Break-through Toy Artist of the year by the Designer Toy Awards.  Using Magic Sculpt or Smooth on Resin they create small figures which are delightfully creepy, childlike creatures that are cute but have jarring flaws or issues.  By juxtaposing elements of macabre, cute and even some humor the final product manages to be eerie without being grotesque. Keeping extremely busy the pair is coming off recent shows at Arch Enemy Arts Gallery and Clutter Gallery and is busy preparing for a show that opens in August at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles.  More information is available at www.doubleparlour.com. Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre006 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0022 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0012 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre002 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0019 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre007 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0014 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0017 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre003 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0018 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre005 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre008 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre001 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0015 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0011 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0020 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0013 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0021 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0016 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre009 Doubleparlour_BeautifulBizarre0010


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