Contemporary Contemporary @ Gauntlet Gallery

Gauntlet Gallery’s exhibition, ‘Contemporary Contemporary’ opens on 2 August, featuring an eclectic selection of talented up and coming artists who have created unique pieces paying homage to the most influential artists of the last half century.  The opening reception begins at 7:30pm on Saturday 2 August, RSVP here.

From the beginning of the Pop-Art movement of Warhol and Lichtenstein in the 1960’s to the art market’s acceptance of street art by Fairey and Bansky, the art world has changed rapidly over the past half century. Technology and social media have allowed artists to reach a level of popularity and iconicism like never before making it easier for the most popular artists of our time to influence one another. Contemporary Contemporary celebrates that present day artists can now, more then ever, be inspired by works of their time and pay homage to these larger than life contemporary artists. ~ Gauntlet Gallery

Contemporary Contemporary

2 – 19 August
Gauntlet Gallery
Larkin St, San Francisco

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featuring works by:
Adam Ziskie, Bethany Marchman, Brooke Grucella, Cam Floyd, Christopher Blackstock, Dan Christofferson, David Blake, David Natale, Emily Burns, Epyon5, Famous When Dead, Gene Guynn, Graham Curran, Isaac Pierro, Jason Hernandez, Jimmy C, Johannah O’Donnell, JoKa, Jonny Ruzzo, Justin Hopkins, Kareem Rizk, Kieran Collins, Marcos LaFarga, Michael McConnell, MJ Lindo, Mr. Frivolous, Robert Bowen, Ruben Ireland, Serge Gay Jr., Shannon Freshwater, Syd Bee, Vincent Cacciotti & William Arvin


David_Natale_beautiful_bizarre_004David Natale (Hayao Miyazaki)

Gene_Guynn_beautiful_bizarre_006 Gene Guynn (Jenny Saville)

Emily_Burns_Beautiful_Bizarre_005Emily Burns (John Currin)

Johannah_O_Donnell_Beautiful_Bizarre_003 Johannah O’Donnell (Warhol)

Vincent_Cacciotti_Beautiful_Bizarre_009Vincent Cacciotti (Hopper)

MJ_Lindo_Beautiful_Bizarre_010MJ Lindo (Takashi Murakami/John Baldessari)

Adam_Ziskie_Beautiful_Bizarre_011Adam Ziskie (Sol LeWitt)

Marcos_Larfarga_Beautiful_Bizarre_013Marcos Larfarga (Lictenstein)

Syd_Bee_Beautiful_Bizarre_012Sya Bee (Frank Stella)

Bethany_Marchman_Beautiful_Bizarre_014Bethany Marchman (Wim Delvoye)

Graham_Curran_Beautiful_Bizarre_015Graham Curran (Banksy)

Jimmy_C_Beautiful_Bizarre_016Jimmy C (Damian Hirst)

Jonny_Ruzzo_Beautiful_Bizarre_017Johnny Ruzzo (Alexander McQueen)

Kareem_Rizk_Beautiful_Bizarre_018Kareem Rizk (Kurt Schwitters)

Ruben_Ireland_Beautiful_Bizarre_019Ruben Ireland
Mike_McConnell_beautiful_Bizarre008Mike McConnell (Kara Walker)
Kieran_Collins-Hockney_Beautiful_Bizarre_020Kieran Collins (Hockney- Peter getting out of)
Jaime_Cervantes_Beautiful_Bizarre_021Jaime Cervantes (Saul Bass)
Epyon5_Beautiful_Bizarre_022Epson5 (Shepard Fairey)
David_Blake_Beautiful_Bizarre_023David Blake (Faile/Raushenberg)
Robert Bowen (Koons)
Robert Bowen (Koons)



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