Flights of Fancy @ FB69

With a history of exhibiting the weird and wonderful, Münster based gallery FB69 are once again spreading the word on alternative art. From next Saturday 19th July, the talented Anarkitty with be bringing some Irish elegance alongside one of Buenos Aires’ most famous street artists Pum Pum. FB69’s exhibition ‘Flights of Fancy’ will see both ladies showing an array of artwork epitomising their very different styles, and working together to create a visual display of playful beauty.


Graduating from the University of Ulster with a BA Hons degree in Art and Design Anarkitty, real name Emma Geary, developed further to create a host of mainly digital illustrations that were displayed in numerous magazines, as well as her work being used by the likes of MTV and BBC. After a bout of six years building her career whilst living in London, Anarkitty moved back to Ireland where she focused more on transferring her much loved characters onto canvas. For her, producing artwork is less about self expression and more a path for further self discovery. She has a host of influences including Pinup girls, Manga/Anime, tattoos and artists such as Jaw Cooper and Tom Bagshaw. 2008 saw Anarkitty’s career really take off when The Frameworks Gallery in Belfast, Ireland exhibited her first solo exhibition and she had only continued to rise to new levels since. Her delicate and graceful characters will draw you in with their hint of attitude and candour, and promise to leave you wanting more.

Anarkitty_Honey_BeautifulBizarre Anarkitty_ candy_BeautifulBizarreAnarkitty_Talula_BeautifulBizarre Anarkitty_Toots_BeautifulBizarre

From beyond the waters, Pum Pum has been creating a scene in Buenos Aires where she has been rising to become one of the most famous street artists on the block – even hotels want her to leave her imprint on them now! Preferring to keep her personal identity a secret, this hasn’t stopped her from her mission to bring much needed positivity to areas suffering from economic crisis; Using latex paints in a bout of fresh colours she has been brightening up the streets, and Pum Pum’s vibrant illustrations are always made more traditionally with paint brushes and rollers rather than spray cans. Often her inspiration and themes derive from her childhood, giving her work a connection to younger audiences as well as old. Her work is not limited to street walls however – expect to see a delight of canvas painted creations at FB69 which will make you want to take a little piece of Buenos Aires away with you! Along with the mystery of her true identity, Pum Pum is keeping her exhibition work close to her chest – she gives us glimpses only, stating Flights of Fancy will show a ‘synthesis process in morphology’. For some examples of what to expect, see below:

PumPum5_FB69_BeautifulBizarre PumPum4_FB69_BeautifulBizarre PumPum3_FB69_BeautifulBizarre PumPum2_FB69_BeautifulBizarre

Hosted by the very friendly Kolja who is owner of gallery, this event will be something to put in your diaries and Flights of Fancy will exhibit between 19th July – 30th August. For more information on the upcoming exhibition and to find out more about FB69, check out their website.

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