Lost Moments @ Gauntlet Gallery

The ‘Lost Moments: Scott Listfield & Friend’s exhibition opens at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco this Saturday 28 June and runs through till 26 July.

Scott Listfield & Gauntlet Gallery have collected a group of artists that explore the dysphoria between our imagined future from childhood and the reality of the modern day world we live in. “It’s getting harder to remember whether the latest fad actually happened, or was just a memory from a movie we watched when we were six. Can I get a personal pizza delivered by drone? Will something I’m wearing alert me when my nephew is born? Technology is amazing, but with answers to every question we could ever ask in our pockets, it’s getting harder to find an experience that feels unscripted. Like getting lost, alone, in a city you’ve never visited before. Scott Listfield & Friends explore these ‘Lost Moments’ depicting strange yet familiar places. The scenes in their paintings might take place in the distant past or in a somewhat hazy but recognizable future, filled with an odd cast of characters and settings – astronauts, robots, icebergs, lava floes, explosions, and dinosaurs.”


Scott Listfield, Rebecca Chaperon, Nora Sturges, Simon Stålenhag, Hollis Brown Thornton, Wiley Wallace

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 28th 8-10:30PM RSVP HERE
Gauntlet Gallery
1040 Larkin St. San Francisco 94109


Scott Listfield

Scott Listfield_beautifulbizarre_07Scott Listfield_beautifulbizarre_08Scott Listfield_beautifulbizarre_09Scott Listfield_beautifulbizarre_04Scott Listfield_beautifulbizarre_01Scott Listfield_beautifulbizarre_02Scott Listfield_beautifulbizarre_03Scott Listfield_beautifulbizarre_06
Wiley Wallace

Wiley Wallace_beautifulbizarre_01 Wiley Wallace_beautifulbizarre_02

Rebecca Chaperon

Rebecca Chaperon_beautifulbizarre_02 Rebecca Chaperon_beautifulbizarre_01

Hollis Brown Thornton

Hollis Brown Thornton_beautifulbizarre_02 Hollis Brown Thornton_beautifulbizarre_01

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag_beautifulbizarre_02 Simon Stalenhag_beautifulbizarre_01
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