Cheltenham (UK) born Tim Lane represents the freedom of letting imagination overtake the creative process. Inspired by a world of mythology and classic literature, his paintings and illustrations delve deep to produce multi-layered narratives open to the viewer’s interpretation. Lane’s work is not there to send a certain message or specific social comment across to his audience. It is there to allow the viewer’s own imagination to be free to read each picture and come to their own internal idea of what is going on in front of them and why.

Graduating from Falmouth College of Art in 2004 with a first class BA (Hons) in Illustration, Lane continued to develop his interest in fine art illustration and painting, breaking into new realms of creative freedom in both style and subject matter. Symbolism, darker undertones and a harmony in the juxtaposition of subjects have all helped to appeal to a large fan base. His time at Falmouth College helped to strengthen the process of working directly from his imagination, and pieces can unfold with little prior planning. The influence of world myths leaks out into each; Man and beast often merge, but Lane’s work always reflects personal experiences and ideas.

death_of_childhood_Tim_Lane_Beautiful_Bizarre Tim_Lane_Grasshoppers_Feast_Beautiful_BizarrePunch_and_the_Blinded_Tim_Lane_Beautiful_Bizarre

Along with his main body of work, Lane has been working on a very personal piece for the last two years; Anima Mundi, a 5 metre (16 foot) long graphite on paper. The beauty of this unusual creation is its ability to be interpreted from so many alternative viewpoints; Presented within a concertina book form, Anima Mundi, which translates from Latin into Soul of the World, can be folded upon itself and combined in different ways which alters the interactions within the illustration itself. As a result, there are numerous ways to view and engage with the work. What produces further intrigue is that Anima Mundi was originally never intended for public viewing, making it one of Lane’s most intimate and rawest works to date.

We are very excited to reveal that this wonderous labour of love will now be shared with the public for the first time at Antlers Gallery in Bristol UK from 4th – 27th July 2014 alongside Lane’s new original works.



Together, Tim Lane and Antlers Gallery also set up a Kickstarter project earlier this year to produce publications of Anima Mundi for fans to collect. With a goal of £8,000 supporters helped to smash the target with a total of £17,733 being contributed. Backers can expect to receive a host of extras as well as their own printed copy, depending on the amount contributed; One thing that this project proves is that Tim Lane is going from strength to strength and continues to draw in viewers everywhere.

Anima_Mundi2_Tim_Lane_Beautiful_Bizarre Anima_Mundi3_Tim_Lane_Beautiful_Bizarre Anima_Mundi4_Tim_Lane_Beautiful_Bizarre

Anima Mundi will be exhibiting at Antlers Gallery in Bristol, UK from Friday 4th – Sunday 27th July.

Feki_and_Muninn_Tim_Lane_Beautiful_bizarre Tiger_Mother_Tim_Lane_Beautiful_BizarrePrice_of_Fame_Tim_Lane_BeautifulBizarreKeeping_Theseus_Tim-_Lane_BeautifulBizarre

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