Auguste Clown Gallery is proud to present an international showcase by California based artist, Gustavo Rimada. Proudly reflecting on his Mexican heritage, Gustavo combines old-school tattoo design with vintage glamour and Mexican folk art to create a distinctive style which has captured the attention of art and tattoo lovers worldwide.

Gustavo Rimada Showcase

Having spent his childhood growing up in Mexico, Gustavo was always said to have a pencil in his hand and found great inspiration from the culture around him. After studying computer animation and spending some time in the army, Gustavo found himself inevitably drawn back to his true passion: art. Working in a tattoo shop opened up new possibilities for Gustavo, as he developed his love of tattoo design.

“The tattoo world inspired a whole new life and passion. The knowledge and history of the industry was incredible to me.” Gustavo said, “I have now become what you might say, a workaholic and honestly I can say I love what I do. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. I truly eat, breath and sleep art.”

With a broad range of influences, Gustavo’s work has a unique style that truly reflects his personal journey. Ranging from old-school tattooist Sailor Jerry and pinstriper Von Dutch, to Mexican folk art and Cholita style girls, Gustavo is continually inspired by his life and heritage.

Gustavo Rimada Showcase Gustavo Rimada Showcase

Gustavo has exhibited at many galleries in his home state of California, including Cannibal Flower, C.A.V.E Gallery, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, and The Hive Gallery, as well as the London Miles Gallery in the UK. Having delighted audiences internationally, Auguste Clown Gallery is excited to host a showcase of Gustavo Rimada’s work as his first exhibition in Australia.

The Gustavo Rimada Showcase is now showing at Auguste Clown Gallery until the 25th of May 2014.

Gustavo’s amazing tattoo inspired work also has pride of place in the “Inked” special feature of the June 2014 issue of beautiful.bizarre magazine – available on 1 June from the beautiful.bizarre magazine shop.

Gustavo Rimada Showcase Gustavo Rimada ShowcaseGustavo Rimada Showcase


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