Leilani Bustamante: Painting a State of Transcendence

To look upon the works of New York resident Leilani Bustamante is to enter a world where ritual and resurrection collide with sacred longing. Born in Santa Rosa, California, and graduate of the Academy of Art University, Bustamante’s paintings combine symbolic portraiture with a mixture of osteological themes that take the viewer into strange realities and eerie fantasies.

From Arthur Rimbaud and Patrick Bateman to Snow White and the Evil Queen, the mournful tones of her subjects communicate a sense of spirituality flanked with wistful macabre. Integrating a sepia palette of acrylic and gouache on wood panel, the ghostly deities and creatures of nature possess a haunting beauty as thought-provoking as it is sensual.

A collection of Leilani Bustamante’s work will be on display at Modern Eden Gallery’s On Beauty: International Group Exhibition, which runs from May 10 – June 7, 2014. Keep an eye out for additional show openings, scheduled in June and July.

Leilani Bustamante_something_i_can_feel_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_Patrick_Bateman_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_Prey_III_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_Snow_White_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_The_Priestess_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_The_Queen_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_Toro_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_Weight_of_the_Crown_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_Lost_at_Sea_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_The_Fury_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_Schism_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_The_Endless_beautifulbizarreLeilani_Bustamante_On_Beauty_beautifulbizarre Leilani_Bustamante_The_Hollow_beautifulbizarreLeilani_Bustamante_Slow_with_the_Soul_beautifulbizarre

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