Drawing life into his haunting world, Missouri native Jeffrey Richter conveys a sense of melancholic rhapsody through his imaginative work. Having attended various art, printmaking and sculpture classes, Richter also worked as a graphic artist, designing T-shirts for Paramount Apparel.

Incorporating collective themes that fuse the boundaries of love, isolation and death, the prominent technical mechanics of his charcoal and pastel drawings are a surreal twist of shadow and smudge, mystery and chiaroscuro lighting. Richter’s creative palette generates a heightened sense of empathy towards his tortured subjects while the eerie balance between human, machine and inner beast remain equal counterparts. Utilizing dramatic contrasts in detailed composition and elemental atmosphere, he renders his somber tones into unique visions of industrialized darkness.


Jeffrey_Richter_Desire_beautifulbizarre Jeffrey_Richter_Dying_Love_beautifulbizarre Jeffrey_Richter_Form_beautifulbizarre Jeffrey_Richter_Graphophone_Woman_beautifulbizarre Jeffrey_Richter_Headache_beautifulbizarre Jeffrey_Richter_Love_Song_beautifulbizarre Jeffrey_Richter_Sewing_Machine_Man_beautifulbizarre Jeffrey_Richter_The_Scissoress_beautifulbizarre Jeffrey_Richter_Wounded_beautifulbizarre Jeggrey_Richter_She's_A_Freak_beautifulbizarreJeffrey_Richter_Accepting_beautifulbizarre Jeffrey_Richter_Hear_More_Evil_beautifulbizarreJeffrey_Richter_Last_Song_Of_The_Broken_Harp_beautifulbizarreJeffrey_Richter_The_Zipperess_beautifulbizarre

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