All We Want is Everything @ Gauntlet Gallery

This Saturday (May 3, 2014 at 7-10pm), Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco will be presenting a new group exhibition “ALL WE WE WANT IS EVERYTHING” featuring new works by four figurative artists who are on the verge of mainstream recognition: Zofia Bogusz, Jeff Ramirez, Jason Bryant, and Johannah O’Donnell.

“In their own unique style, each contemporary artist skillfully inserts captivating characters into the backdrop of vivid and vibrant images. This allows each artist to create a juncture where the stress and chaos of everyday life has been stripped away, leaving behind a moment of clarity that reveals a flash of beauty and vulnerability.”

The opening is free and open to the public, and the artworks will be on view through May 24th. For more information, please visit


Zofia Bogusz

The_Becoming-Zofia_Bogusz Some Place Else by Zofia Bogusz - Exhibition at Gauntlet Gallery Cold Sun - Painting by Zofia Bogusz - Exhibition at Gauntlet Gallery Dreamer-Zofia_Bogusz Phoenix by Zofia Bogusz - exhibition at Gauntlet Gallery Candy-Zofia_Bogusz

Jeff Ramirez

Fantasy_Zone-Jeff__Ramirez I'm_Trying_To_Think_But_Nothing_Happens-Jeff__Ramirez Malas Palabras by Jeff Ramirez - Exhibition at Gauntlet Gallery

Johannah O’Donnell

Affinity,_Part_3-Johannah_O'Donnell Affinity (Part 2) - Painting Diptych by Johannah O'Donnel - Gauntlet Gallery Exhibition - Beautiful Bizarre Affinity (Part 1) - Painting Diptych by Johannah O'Donnel - Gauntlet Gallery Exhibition - Beautiful Bizarre

Jason Bryant

Im_gonna_make_him_an_offer_he_cant_refuse-Jason_Bryant Keep Your Friends Close by Your Enemies Closer by Jason Bryant - Exhibition at Gauntlet Gallery Just Wasn't Enough Time - Jason Bryant - Exhibition at Gauntlet Gallery

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