The Photo Manipulations & Painted Textures of Januz Miralles

There is little disclosure on the background and creative technique of Philippines-based artist and photographer, Januz Miralles. Aside from minimal Facebook posts referencing “photography/acrylic on scanner”, in a rare interview last year with Business Mastermind Magazine, Miralles provided insight, saying, “The entirety of my art is the result of errors. I don’t have a favorite mistake.”

Staring at each of his creations, the viewer can only imagine this talent at work. The striking contrast of blood red amidst a primarily black and white palette entices the senses with a frenzied, impassioned macabre. Obscuring identities within a surrounding negative space and explosions of hand painted textures, there is a beautiful darkness to Januz’s work.

The enigmatic movement of paint across frozen images, that at times streams and puddles into an atmospheric liquid dreamscape, occupies a place of intrigue, wonder and chaos. His monochromatic layers are nearly architectural, and his feminine subjects, as if primitive memories fading into an emotionally haunted world, weave together both the ethereal and erotic into an airy state of coexistence.

Miralles evokes an otherworldly perspective with his use of light, color and composition, and within this concentrated depth of field invites his audience into his many untitled works of art, leaving us wanting more.


Januz_Miralles_digital_paintings_7_beautifulbizarre Januz_Miralles_digital_paintings_8_beautifulbizarre - Copy Januz_Miralles_digital_paintings_9_beautifulbizarre Januz_Miralles_digital_painting_11_beautifulbizarre Januz_Miralles_digital_painting_12_beautifulbizarre Januz_Miralles_digital_painting_13_beautifulbizarre Januz_Miralles_digital_painting_14_beautifulbizarre Januz_Miralles_digital_painting_15_beautifulbizarre Januz_Miralles_digital_paintings_4_beautifulbizarreJanuz_Miralles_digital_painting_10_beautifulbizarre


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