Alan Hurley’s whimsical and vibrant delights

Traditional artist Alan Hurley currently resides in Cork Ireland.  His work is a contrast of whimsical and vibrant forms of expressionism. Alan uses watercolours, but also mixes mediums: both watercolour and oil paints together, in a refreshing and playful exploration.  His enigmatic use of contrasting colour brings depth, whereas the fluidity of watercolour in other pieces creates a more illusive effect.  The facial expressions on Alan’s figures are captivating, irrespective of the array of colours that are used, the eyes particularly seem to hold and engage the viewer.

“Many beginners think there are rules to art. There’s not. Don’t worry about putting just the right amount of paint on a brush or canvas, or how you apply the paint to the canvas. Just do it however you feel like it. With practice, you’ll get an idea of what’s good and bad and it trains your instinct.”

Perhaps in the traditional art schools there are boundaries, but not for Alan who believes, that art itself is a process of creation so should hold no boundaries, otherwise you impede the very concept.


Alan_Hurley_Emily_beautifulbizarre3.jpgAlan_ Hurley_ Elana_beautifulbizarre10.jpgAlan_ Hurley_untitled_beautifulbizarre11.jpg  Alan_ Hurley_ Hollie_beautifulbizarre7.jpg Alan_ Hurley_ Love_ Lost_beautifulbizarre6.jpg Alan_ Hurley_ Fire_ Girl_beautifulbizarre2.jpg Alan_Hurley_delights_Isabella_beautifulbizarre8.jpg Alan_ Hurley_ Out_ of_ the_ blue_beautifulbizarre9.jpg Alan_ Hurley_ Alone_ in_ the_ Dark_beautifulbizarre4.jpg Vibrant and whimsical works of Alan Hurley


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