South African fashion designer, Talitha Bell is ANKHA. A fallen angel in a technicoloured universe who has a penchant for big shoes, cats and daydreaming. Brazen in her approach to fashion and life, she is a muse to many. with a certain type of magic reserved only for the few. She needs to write a book on her adventures, or at least the one’s I’ve been a part of! She is not afraid of the world. Its darkest corners are filled with cheeky laughter and loud pink overtones. Talitha is the girl we all wanna be friends with and do not want to be on the wrong side of – a femme fatale who is taking on London in 2014, whether you know it or not. It is in the cards.


Where is your dad now and how is he?

He is probably in his wood cabin on the beach twirling his white Merlin beard. Very stoned, cranky and philosophizing with his cat. Really.

What are some of the other ‘world’ issues that you are engaging / questioning / challenging / embracing through your ‘fashion’?

More like I’m engaging in worldly fashion through issues.


What are you wearing right now?

I’m wearing my Amish wide brimmed hat, black velvet ANKHA skirt, black turtle neck and chunky platforms and a Mickey Mouse bag I made. Oh and a knee guard – I injured myself sneaking into a church at night with whom I am sure was Woody Allen. He kept calling me Annie.

What happened after the Daddy Issues shoot – did you and Charlotte (model) get up to any post-shoot shenanigans?

It was a magical eve! We met up with some friends and I ended up on psychedelics in Shoreditch way past everyone’s bedtime.


Where did you get hold of that babies’ heads necklace? Where are the bodies?

The jewellery is by a lovely French/London artist Anne Sophie Cochevelou. Her work is amazing! She makes all sorts of crazy severed barbie/dolly jewels and dresses.


Where’s the location? Did you guys gets a little excited with paint or just a chance finding somewhere?

It’s at a graffiti tunnel in Waterloo Leake Street.

Have you got your kitten yet? You said it would be the first thing you did.

Not yet, but I’ve got a tree full of magpies outside my bedroom window.


Moving into Spring/Summer ’14 – what themes/direction/concepts/videos/etc will ANKHA be indulging in?

I don’t really think of themes and concepts much. I’m not very cerebral when it comes to that sort of thing. It’s more about an intuitive series of happy mistakes and random chance inspirations from unexpected places. I do want to make a crow suit fully out of black crow feathers but I don’t want to hurt any birds so I’ve been collecting feathers from under a tree where they perch. This could take years. ha!

Can we get a quote from you please?

Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution.(Alexander McQueen)

Give me invisible fabric, and I’ll give you an invisibility cloak. (Talitha Bell)


Tell me something beautiful and bizarre you witnessed in the last week?

Well I recently moved into an apartment which overlooks Highgate Cemetery and from my bedroom window early one morning I saw a fox and a crow sitting next to each other quite peacefully in the graveyard.

Any question you’d like to leave me with?

When are you gonna’ visit me monkey face?



Clothing: ANKHA CLOTHING by Talitha Bell

Jewellery: Anne Sophie Cochevelou

Photography, Edits, Styling, Make up: Talitha Bell

Model: Charlotte Carter





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