This Is Not a Toy @ Design Exchange Toronto

The world knows Pharrell Williams.  He is a grammy winning musician, frequent collaborator with Daft Punk and singer of the undisputed song of 2013 “Get Lucky”.  What may surprise you is that he is also a vinyl figure enthusiast and has amassed a world class collection of colorful plastic creations from some of contemporary arts biggest names.

Toronto’s Design Exchange Museum tapped Pharrell to help curate their current show “This Is Not a Toy” an exhibition of contemporary sculptures, figurines and art work from Huck Gee, Kaws, Takashi Murakami, FriendsWithYou, Coarse and Frank Kozik.  I am not sure what could be more fun the bright colors and pop culture laden imagery put together for this show, nor can imagine a more exciting curator than Pharrell.  Hopefully exciting celebrity curators and lighthearted shows with work that challenge the contemporary art world catch on as a trend.   The show opened in February and will be on display until May 19th with more information available at www.dx.org.


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