Elemental Photography of Tomohide Ikeya

Japanese photographer Tomohide Ikeya explores the concept of ‘control’ and the ‘uncontrolled’, particularly as it relates to water, the central theme of his work.  Water is a primal, uncontrollable element that we cannot live without, nor could we live in it.  It is a powerful creator and destroyer. Tomohide’s work is beautifully fragile, intensely emotive, and darkly oppressive at the same time. It is philosophical in its depth, as he explores the ‘uncontrolled’ theme with submerged female figures breathing deeply of life just above the intense darkness of the water, in what appears to be that moment before they are pulled under. Many of the figures are bound as they struggle for survival or surrender, just as humanity is bound to the tides of the moon and the cyclical nature of existence. Tomohide’s work is … Continue reading Elemental Photography of Tomohide Ikeya