Here’s a look at the incredible work of Etam Cru, aka Sainer and Bezt.  Two Polish street artists who create phenomenal murals throughout Europe.  Both artists graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, where they met and began to collaborate in 2010.  They express themselves through a combination of graphic design, murals, and oil and acrylic on canvas.  They mostly do huge murals together, giving them both room to do their own thing, with their self expressed, “Etam Style,” meeting somewhere in the middle.  They’ve done pieces on buildings up to ten stories high!   When they work on canvas, they work individually, this is where you will see the unique differences in their work.  The contrast between their murals and their canvas pieces is quite amazing, however, you can clearly still see that signature “Etam Style”.

Both artists are very secure in saying that their work is just them painting, there’s no special meaning behind their pieces, or the symbols they’re known to use…..To them, “they’re just symbols”.  They leave their work up to the interpretation of the viewer.  Individuals are allowed to feel what they feel, and come to their own conclusions on what a piece might mean to them.  It seems as long as they’re painting, they’re happy guys!  Extremely humble, very low key, just two dudes who feel lucky and blessed to be doing what they love.  Trying to interview or photograph these guys is another thing all together…they are very elusive.  They try to stick to the work, and not focus on the hype.   Sainer was asked about his inspirations, and he was quoted in a very rare interview explaining, “I want to say that I’m a painter, not a story teller.”   I love that they don’t feel as though the work needs a lot of talk, it speaks for itself.

The duo gained international recognition when they traveled to the U.S. for the very first time, to do a piece in Richmond.  The piece, called “Moonshine,” was ranked as the 3rd best piece of street art in the world in 2013. Please enjoy some of their work below, starting with their acclaimed piece “Moonshine.”   There’s also individual works from Sainer and Betz, however, it all adds up to the dynamic duo known as Etam Cru.

 etam cru 1












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  1. Alexandra Davidoff

    Sainer and Bezt may say they’re not storytellers, but the passion, creativity, and uniqueness of their work tells a story no matter if they want to talk about it or not. Each mural has so much emotion and movement. And the objects and animals that their human characters interact with are not only visually pleasing, but to me they have a certain flow that’s similar to story driven illustrations. I love them all!

    • Susan Santamauro

      Very well said Alexandra!! I agree, there’s SO much emotion there, it DOES tell a story, that’s for sure!! I guess they’re just not comfortable verbalizing it perhaps, but like you said, it’s THERE whether they like it or not. :) It’s also true that there art is very similar to certain types of illustrations….which is not common when it comes to street art, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks for commenting by the way. You’re so sweet!

  2. Luis

    Wow, simply amazing! I really like the work that Sainer and Bezt do. They are pretty famous in the streets of Europe for their phenomenal murals. Each mural has an especific message either it’s social, political, and or religious. I personally believe goverments around the world should support this type of art “Street art” because they are real social artists. Their work speaks for us. Good story guys. Keep up the good work!


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